Chokers: In or Out?

Choker here, choker there! This trend has been used oh too many times by everyone!

Drugstore Shopping

In my recent trip to Spain I discovered a wonderful place to go beauty shopping: drugstores. These products are better than mainstream beauty products because of their components.

10 Beauty Products Under $10

Every woman should have 10 items in her beauty drawer that are under $10. Yup… 10 amazing beauty products under $10 that are so underrated. Here it goes!

My 2017 at the Movies

Every year comes with plenty of movies to anticipate for. 2017 has a bundle of movies I can’t wait to watch.

Lancôme Le nuit Trésor

Well folks it is officially December, and we are feeling the holiday spirit. And since it is the season to be jolly, let me tell you about my new secret obsession.

Le Summer Vernis

May your nails scream summer for as long and loud as you! There’s no question that the season calls for fresh manicure and cute colors, but how may we get them to last?

Skin is in

Just like a cute dress or a favorite shirt, our skin is a beautiful thing, which is exactly why we must wear it well.

Hello, great hair

Not just have a good hair day, have a good hair life. Who’s to blame us for cutting, straightening, dying, tying and so on?

Wake Up & Makeup

Makeup is an art and an art worth learning, if we may add. The simple thought of getting our makeup done by a pro, that glowy perfect complexion, those ...

Lip Contouring

First the face, now the lips. Contouring, done at its finest, let’s you highlight your features by adding depth and dimension.