A yellowish spring

Espero también se atrevan a usar el amarillo esta temporada

Spring Makeup Trends

Mis maquillajes favoritos para la temporada

Mi nueva colección de bolsos

Estoy emocionada por mostrarles mi más reciente colección de carteras.

The ultimate reversible tote bag by Lacoste

Hace algunas semanas me compre esta cartera y ha sido la mejor inversión.

7 Tendencias en el 2017

¿Seguiremos utilizando esos estilos millenial de los 90’s, con chokers, zapatos cómodos, telas de terciopelo y el tan fácil vestido de tirantes?

Body Fashion

It’s time to take your active wear from the gym to the streets. Fashion just got a whole lot of comfortable, yet stylish. With athleisure carefully making its way on every runway.

White Trainers

Cause one is simply not enough. With its style and comfort, all-white tennis shoes seem to be making its way into almost every outfit we want to wear.

Black & white

Get mixing with one of our wardrobes most predictable outfits. Who doesn’t like a classic monochrome pairing? Easy to make up and versatile enough to go from day to night.

La Petite Robe Noire Lipstick

In Light of all the upcoming holidays, we know we have a lot of events to attend. Which means we need to have our fall game on point.


So long flat fabrics. With technology making its way into fashion front play, sequins, metalwear, appliqués and glitz are popping up more frequently in normal day to day wear.