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Tufted Furniture

por Angella Andonie

Tufted Funiture4

In Honduras we find many stores, that offers us a large selection of tufted furniture that we may find internationally. We often look in other places for trends that we can easily find at our local stores. One of the largest trends in the past 4 years in the furniture industry is Opulence, Glamour and Luxury that was seen in the 1930’s during the Hollywood golden Age.

Furniture Tufting is done with materials like velvet, satin, leather and rich textures securing the ends of the thread with a knot or a button. Those profound techniques creates the name of the technique Tufts. It can be combined with faux fur, vivid colors, patterns, dramatic creases and studs. This depends on which style the furniture designer desires it to have. In some cases it’s how the interior decorator or homeowner decides to make their selection after having created the rest of the elements of the room. Tufted Furniture is the perfect accent décor in any type of room from the dining room to the restroom. It can give any room a final touch, by this I mean that any room can go from being BLAH to BAAM.  We have seen items from headboards, ottomans, sofas, chairs, chassis, settee, walls and many other pieces that are spectacularly Tufted.

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At Induma we find this beautiful tufted settee in a greyish-aubergene fabric. Accent pillows are in a off-white tone, in a plush and funberry style. Perfect for any corner in your house… living room, bedroom, etc. the mirrored side table with a ceramic, antique, vintage-style elephant goes perfectly well with the couch because it doesn’t take the the attention from it.  We love the combination of modern furniture with a touch of vintage. Tufted accent chairs with a platinum tone and velvet fabric. Nesting tables have a gold tone that matches perfectly with the square mirror and the wallpaper. We love the way they beautifully achieved combinations of greyish-platinum with gold tones which is very hard to pull off!