Angella Andonie has a degree in Fashion Design with a specialty in couture from the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago. She also has a diploma in Digital Marketing. After graduating, she was an intern in Valentino’s PR department in New York. She later worked for Rag and Bone, Nude Skincare (LVMH brand) and West Elm.

After working for a couple of years outside of Honduras, she decided to come back to her home with the idea of becoming a voice in the country’s fashion industry. She ventured in 2014 to create A Blog Style, a place where she talks about her lifestyle and daily trends.

A Blog Style is an online journal for fashion lovers that want to be on top of trends through the seasons. It’s a reference for all of those who have great appreciation for art, beauty and regional and international culture. A Blog Style awakens the desire of its readers to try products, experiences and incites them to visit places mentioned.